Thursday, June 21, 2007

Background and statement of purpose

I have been an observer and participant in science and clinical medicine for over 30 years. I was elected to membership in the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) in 1969, when there were only several hundred members worldwide (today there are more than 20,000). I am the recipient of several U.S. and worldwide patents, one on the synthesis and production of dl-glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate, an important biochemical which opened up the entire field of basic and clinical research in energy metabolism, previously closed. I am the discoverer and developer of the very inexpensive anticancer medication hydrazine sulfate, that restores appetite and weight loss in cancer patients, inhibits tumor growth and promotes increased quality of life and survival time--and which has been opposed for many years by the cancer establishment; more about that later.

During all this time I have observed a marked deterioration in truth in medicine--lies and dishonesty concerning the meaning and outcome of scientific studies, the "dumbing down" of medical information routinely given to the public, the shifting in medicine from scientific achievement to "money" achievement, the obscene amounts of money being dumped into the hands of pharmaceutical companies, causing a severe financial dislocation to patients (some have to choose between their monthly food budgets or medicines). This basic decrease in ethics and incresase in medical corruption has had profound destructive effects on the welfare of patients with all types of disease, especially cancer.

From time to time, therefore, this public forum will discuss one situation or another--some touted by the medical media, some in which the medical media are strangely silent--in which the public gets the short end of the stick.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The first entry

This blog will be devoted to discussing medical ads on television and in the print media, stories of new medical discoveries, dishonest and/or misrepresented studies, and what has euphemistally come to be known as "conflicts of interest" in clinical medicine and their potentially extremely destructive effects on the public health.

These commentaries will strive to provide truthful and factual information to the public in regard to cancer and other medicine, drug action, drug trials, medical PR and medical politics.

Although at times disheartening, our commentaries will frequently contain an element of humor.